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We pride ourselves on offering transparent, reliable, and comprehensive management services for aircraft owners, including 24/7 flight operations support, provision of experienced crew of the highest calibre, maintenance oversight, insurance negotiation, and optimising financial processes to minimise costs. When you want to travel, you call us, and we take care of the rest.

We hold a UK AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) enabling you to offset some ownership costs by offering your aircraft for charter to our discerning client base.


Aircraft ownership means freedom and flexibility, having ultimate control over where you fly and when, and saving time and money. Ownership enables better business and real relaxation, and provides access to small regional and business airports close to where you need to be. Our owners don’t have to queue in crowded terminals.

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We can help you choose the right aircraft, identify the base which best fits your need and the aircraft’s profile, and provide a turn-key management solution which focuses on your freedom and satisfaction. You call, we fly. Please email or telephone to begin your journey to the independence which business aviation brings.


Selecting the right aircraft for your travel profile is a daunting task. Our team has the necessary experience, expertise, and depth and breadth of knowledge to match you to your perfect aircraft. Together, we consider your destinations, schedules, frequency of travel, entourage, and preferences, before proposing a costed solution with which to begin the acquisition process.

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We are in touch with the global market in new and used airframes, and we regularly lead our clients through the exciting and rewarding process of identifying the aircraft model, and then the individual airframe to meet their needs. We diligently survey the aircraft and its technical records prior to purchase, and we advise on ownership structure, finance, and taxation.


We hold an Air Operator’s Certificate issued by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority, one of the most respected aviation authorities in the world, which enables us to operate aircraft for commercial air transport. This provides our aircraft management clients with the opportunity to offset some of the costs of ownership by offering aircraft for charter when not required for their own travel. We have also managed aircraft on other registers, where appropriate to the client’s task.

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Our experienced professionals offer a unique, practical, and transparent approach to aircraft management, which we call the ‘Principle of Synergy’. Our Client Contract ensures that we are as efficient as possible, and we pride ourselves on avoiding hidden charges. Our rigorous cost control program ensures we get the best prices with no unexpected surcharges or disbursement levies.


Our experience recruiting, training, and developing our team of professional pilots and ground staff make us the perfect source of crew and specialists. Whether you need full-time crew cover, or a short-term contract to cover a ferry flight, we can take care of you.

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