King Air aircraft parked on stand
Light jet parked in the mountains
Aircraft on final approach
Private jet above the clouds during sunrise



From piston aircraft to turboprops, helicopters to jets, Synergy can find the perfect aircraft for you.


Max Passengers: 9 | Max Range: 1,250 nm

The Beechcraft King Air is one of the world’s most successful business aircraft, offering a light and spacious cabin with seats for up to eight passengers and plentiful baggage space, as well as a private lavatory. The King Air’s long range takes you further without stops, and excellent short-runway performance means it accesses small business airports, closer to your final destination.


Max Passengers: 4 | Max Range: 1,200 nm

The Citation Mustang is a fantastic light jet which delivers smooth and refined travel in an amazingly cost-effective package. With seats for four passengers and a private lavatory, the Mustang cruises at up to 41,000 feet, well above all weather. The Mustang is the choice of many discerning clients who seek the best balance of price and performance for short trips around Europe.


Max Passengers: 7 | Max Range: 1,400 nm

The ever popular CJ2 seats up to 7 passengers in comfort, offering excellent range and baggage capacity. The forward galley cabinet offers ample storage and provision for our open bar, snacks and hot drinks whilst the full flushing toilet is located towards the rear of the aircraft. Cabin lighting is controlled by individual passenger seats and climate controlling air conditioning ensures a comfortable flight.


Max Passengers: 8 | Max Range: 1,500 nm

The Citation Bravo has long been a favourite in the European charter market with an excellent blend of range, speed, comfort, carrying capacity and cost-efficiency. In comparison to other light-sized aircraft in its category, it benefits from a long range and is very capable on short runways allowing it to operate to a wide variety of destinations. Several baggage compartments and a cabin designed to optimise noise reduction make the on-board experience one of the best in its class.


If you are traveling further afield or require higher passenger loads we can source aircraft from our associated fleets. Whether you wish to land at an international terminal or on a grass runway, by yourself, with your family & friends or your entire boardroom, let Synergy Aviation tailor a package to suit your requirements.


Max Passengers: 8 | Max Range: 2,500 nm

Typically larger, with improved headroom and separate washroom. Eight to ten passengers can sit in total comfort and carry more luggage than their lighter counterparts. Typically capable of flights up to five hours duration.


Max Passengers: 18 | Max Range: 7,000 nm

These aircraft offer spacious cabins with full standing headroom available. 10-20 passengers can travel in total comfort with a galley and flight attendant as standard. Trans-Atlantic travel is no problem with six to nine hours cruising possible.


Max Passengers: 20+ | Max Range: 7,500 nm

The ultimate aircraft for private travel. These jets have been converted to carry passengers in the highest possible luxury. Boardrooms, sleeping quarters, bathrooms and VIP seating are all present in these aircraft. Perfect for heads of state and world tours.